Ripple Primary School is closed for the Easter break from Friday 2nd April and re-opens on Monday 19th April 2021. Please remember ~ Face masks must be worn in the playground when dropping children off and collecting. Please also check Government guidelines about quarantine if returning from abroad.
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Listen to the alphabet song in the video below.

Can you remember the other sounds that we have learnt this week?  ‘t,i,n,p’ 


Today we are looking at the letter ‘g’. Watch this video and join in.  

Jolly Phonics /g/ - Sound, Song, Vocabulary and Blending

A comprehensive look at the /g/ sound.This is to compliment the Jolly Phonics programme used by many schools around the world.

How to write the letter 'g' | Improve Your Handwriting

How to write the letter 'g' | Improve Your HandwritingThis video demonstrates how to form the letter 'g' using precursive letter formation. Improve your curs...

Now have a go at the activity below. See if you can sound out these letters and blend them together to make the word.  Feel free to pause if you need a bit more time to make the words.  If you want to, you can even pause the word and try to write it on a piece of paper. 

Practice Blending Sounds for Reading- CVC Words Check out our printable phonics resources and online games!This reading machine helps children practice blending...