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Watch the video again about the Story of Chinese New Year

The Story of Chinese New Year

Let's remind ourselves of how Abbie and her brother prepare for and celebrate Chinese New Year - Let's Celebrate

Abbie and her brother clean the house in preparation for the Chinese New Year celebrations.Visit CBeebies at to find even more ...

So what do you know now about Chinese New Year? Have a go at answering the questions below about this festival.
Please try to answer the questions in full sentences. Try not to use only one word, unless it is asked.  Try to encourage them to use descriptive language where you can. As a prompt, let you child start their answers with the words in red, and let them recall the rest of the answer. Sometimes it takes them time to think of an answer, so try to count to 10 quietly and then ask for an answer. Be patient.  It can give you great insight into their thinking if you sometimes sit back and give them time to describe/explain in their own time/words. 


  1.  How long does the Chinese New Year celebrations last for? (Answer: It lasts for 15 days.)
  2.  Where did the mean dragon live and what did he do with the villagers?  (Answer :He lived in the wilderness and he scared the villagers.)
  3. What was the dragon afraid of?  (Answer: He was afraid of loud noises, fire and the colour red.)
  4. Who was the winner of the race?  (Answer: The winner was the sneaky brown rat.)
  5. What does the Chinese family do in their house before Chinese New Year start, and why?  (Answer: The family cleans the house to get rid of the old/past and make way for the new that is coming.)
  6. What type of foods do families normally eat/make during this time? (Answer: Families eat eggrolls, noodles and shrimp.)
  7. What do children get as a present?  (Answer: The children get new red clothes and red money envelopes.)
  8. What do they do on their last day of their 15-day celebration?  (Answer: They have a lantern festival.)
  9. Can you look up your animal sign for the year you were born in? That can be fun to find out....