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March 23rd - 27th

March 23rd - 27th Learning Project

Students should aim to do one item per day from the maths, spelling, read and writing weekly tasks. The learning project tasks should be done throughout the week. We encourage students to organise their work by writing the date at the top of their work and maintaining proper presentation of handwriting and number formation.


In addition to the above work project, below are additional resources below to further support.

If you have access to printing at home, some of the documents below are better suited to be printed out and worked on. If however you do not have access to printing at home, completing the work in the blue workbook sent home or on other paper is fine as well. 

Children should read the text and then do the "Improve Your Vocabulary Section." Then, they should choose an activity from the bottom of the page to complete.
These are the weekly spelling and grammar practise activities. Students should practise spelling a little bit each day and then quiz themselves on the words at the end of the week. For grammar, students should read Amber's story, investigating the new vocabulary and then do the grammar practise sheet.