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Maths problem

   Solve this maths problem.


              Sports Day Measuring Maths


 At the school's sports day, the children had a long jump competition.


  •  Adeel jumped 4.54m
  • Zain jumped 1/2m further than Aadi
  • Jala jumped 15cm further than Adeel
  • Jannath jumped 0.6m further than Malak
  • Mahmud jumped 23cm further than Jala
  • Amina jumped 3/4m further than than the second placed child
  • Shakeem jumped 1/4m less than Mahmud
  • Shada jumped 0.8m further than Shakeem 
  • Aadi jumped 0.15m less than Jannath
  • Malak jumped 40mm less than Shada


So, can you use the clues to write down who won and the other positions



  • What was the average jump?
  • if each child had a second jump, which was on average 10% further, what would be the average 2nd round jump?



  • Check the wording in the clues to make sure you are doing the sum correctly
  • Think about how many centimetres and millimetres there are in a metre
  • To find an average, you must add all the distances together and divide by how many children there are​​​​​​​
  • To increase a number by 10%, you must divide it by 10 then add the two numbers together