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This week we are learning about Chinese New Year. Watch the video and join our two friends who are preparing to celebrate Chinese New Year with their family.

CBeebies: Preparing For Chinese New Year - Let's Celebrate

Abbie and her brother clean the house in preparation for the Chinese New Year celebrations.Visit CBeebies at to find even more ...

This year is the year of the 'ox'. Now watch the story of how the years came to be named after different animals.

The Story of Chinese New Year

The Story of Chinese New YearSay hi to us at : www.writemi.comWriteMi is a marketplace to discover l SNap l Share l Sell l Earn l amazing things curated by G...

Task 1:

Draw a picture of how the great race may have looked like and write a sentence about it. What could you include in your picture? eg. animals, a river

Task 2:

Cut out the characters and put them onto a straw or lolly stick to make puppets. If you cannot print the sheets, draw the animals yourself to make your own stick puppets.