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NEW- Art

Life during lockdown has been interesting! We've been able to relax, take things easy and spend time with those we love, doing the things we love. However, some of us may be finding it a little tricky. We may be getting a little bit bored, missing our friends and our teachers and the 'normal' life that we are used to. 


Regardless of how we feel, one way to express our feelings is through art. In this lesson, learn about how British painter L.S Lowry used daily life in Salford and Manchester to inspire his paintings. Then have a go at using different techniques to create your own artwork, showing things about daily life before lockdown or expressing how daily life has changed due to Covid-19.


Perhaps you could create a painting showing what you've been getting up to, or a print depicting the new social distancing rules, or anything that you like. Think about what colours you might use to depict your mood and feelings. Let your imagination run wild


Whatever you create, please share your artwork with us by taking a picture and emailing it to the school office . 


Follow the link below for more ideas and suggested techniques: 

Some ideas