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Spelling and Grammar - Daily Activities

We are now in the final section of our grammar story about Amber Dripping.


In this week's chapter we look at how we can use brackets ( ) to show parenthesis (pare - en - thee - sis).


Read the text and look for examples where the author used brackets to set apart information from the rest of the text.

Choose a level of activity sheet (Red is easiest, Green is middle, Blue is hardest). Most children should be doing the green.

Read the blurb at the top of the sheet and complete the questions.

Children should practise spelling these words out daily. They can do this in their spelling books if they have them at home or they can practise on paper. On Friday, children should be quizzed on these words and should practise any they got incorrect.


Any words that they don't know the meaning to should be looked up in a dictionary.


If students cannot print the crossword sheet off, they can make the words into their own crossword.