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The Wishing Tree story tells us of the Chinese tradition of writing wishes on coloured paper, attaching it to an orange and throwing it onto a tree that grants wishes.

Ming and his grandmother visit a wishing tree every Lunar New Year. As Ming grows from a little boy to a young man, the tree's presence remains an important ...

Watch how people write their wishes and throw then onto the Wishing tree, a tradition during Chinese New Year.

(25 Jan 2020) HK CROWDS WELCOME LUNAR NEW YEAR BY WISHING TREEFull of hopes for the Lunar New Year, crowds gathered at Hong Kong's traditional wishing tree o...

Now have a go at making your own wish. Draw a picture of your wish and write a sentence to say what it is.

Look at the instructions below. You can use the writing template or write on any sheet of paper.

You can use the orange templates below to attach  to your wishing card. If you cannot print it you can use your own paper and copy the template for the activity.