Please remember ~ Face masks must be worn in the playground when dropping children off and collecting. Please also check Government guidelines about quarantine if returning from abroad.
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Today we are learning about 'Capacity', that is. how much a container can hold and whether something is 'Empty' or 'Full'. Watch the video below, then go through the power point game finding the right bottles.

Go through this power point and help the monsters find the right milkshakes.

Have a go at completing the worksheet below. If you can't print the sheet, draw your own on a piece of paper. You could also find containers at home, fill them up and label them.

Now help the Numberjacks to solve the problem caused by the Puzzler.

Everything is empty thanks to the Puzzler - 3 helps 5 to fill things up again. Numberjacks: 2, 3, 4, 5, 6