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Today's sound is 't'. Watch the video to remember how to say the sound 't'.

Then look at how we write the letter 't'. Practice on a piece of paper.

Finally watch the video on segmenting and blending and join in. Have Fun! 

Jolly Phonics /t/ - Sound, Song, Vocabulary and Blending

A comprehensive look at the /t/ sound.This is to compliment the Jolly Phonics programme used by many schools around the world.

Learn to Write the Letter T | Pre-cursive Letter Formation

Learn to Write the Letter T | Pre-cursive Letter FormationThis video shows and explains the pre-cursive letter formation for the letter t. Cursive handwritin...

Phase 1 Phonics with Maddison and Felix - Oral Blending

Learn about oral blending, segmenting, and increasing phomenic awareness with Maddison in this new phase 1 phonics lesson! This educational video is packed f...