Ripple Primary School is closed for the Easter break from Friday 2nd April and re-opens on Monday 19th April 2021. Please remember ~ Face masks must be worn in the playground when dropping children off and collecting. Please also check Government guidelines about quarantine if returning from abroad.
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Happy Wednesday children!


Today’s sound in phonics is ‘zz’. Watch the video of Mr E teaching you how to say the sound for the diagraph ‘zz’. Then complete the worksheet. Children to complete page 1, on page 4 are the answers if parents/carers want to see. If you do not have a printer, you can either complete some of the activities on paper or draw some things beginning with today's sound. Have fun!   


This week in literacy we are looking at the story ‘The Giant Turnip’. Watch the video and have fun joining in. Then you can draw your favourite action from the video and write down what action you have drawn. Have Fun!   


So far this week in Maths we have been looking at counting in 10s. Today I want you to look at a hundred square. First click on the link and join in with the video. Count aloud in 10s using the 100 square to help you. Next you need to open the PowerPoint and click on the squares that you say as you count in 10s. If you have access to a printer, you can print off the superhero 100 square and colour in the numbers that you say as you count in 10s. Can you see a pattern? Challenge – Close your eyes and get an adult to cover one of the coloured numbers. Can you guess which number is covered. Enjoy!   


For our other activity today, we are going to do an experiment. Open the science experiment and follow the instructions to see if you can make the balloon enormous, just like the Turnip in this week's story. Please do not worry if you do not have the items available in your home. There is another activity that you can do. Sort the picture cards into those that you ‘push’ and those that you ‘pull’. If you do not have a printer then you can draw things that you can ‘push’ and ‘pull’. Have fun!