Ripple Primary School will only be open for the children of key workers and those defined as vulnerable from Tuesday 5 January 2021 until further notice. For any Google Classroom enquiries, please go to Children Tab, Google Classroom enquiries and then find child's class. This will send a message directly to the Teacher.
Home Page High aspirations and a shared passion for learning

What have your teachers been up to?

Miss Liaw’s new friends! Hello 3SL and year 3’s!

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Mrs. Irons-Read 3AIR

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Check out what Mrs. Irons-Read has been up to during lockdown!

Miss Copeland 3GC

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Take a look at Miss Copeland's home renovations!
Miss Copeland says:
Hey all,
I hope everyone is enjoying their time with family and are dedicated to their homeschooling. It is a great time to show your carers your skills you have learned in school and to be helping around the house.
I too have been homeschooling my daughter, and I have enjoyed it very much. We have done a lot of cooking, hiking and plenty or art and crafts. This has been a great time to do decorating, which I have found a blessing.
I look forward to seeing you all again when we return - stay well and keep working hard.

3STN's Ms. Stan's Day out on the beach!

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