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Writing - 2 Activities


This week, we'd like you to do two pieces of quality writing: a diary entry and finishing a story. It might take more than on day to complete the story and that's ok.



For the diary entry, we want you to think about how you've been feeling about social distancing and the Corona Virus so far. These are strange times for us all and sometimes writing down our emotions and thoughts is easier than talking about them. Of course, we can also step back and think of all the silly things that are happening right now as well.



For the story, we will be using the Pobble365 writing prompt found here: It is broken down into different tasks to support your writing of a story. It might take a couple days to finish properly.

Activity 1: Diary Entry

Below is my diary entry model with annotations explaining some of my thinking while I was writing. Your writing should be about a page.


In my writing I can:

  • Use fronted adverbials followed by a comma.
  • Use brackets to show parenthesis (grammar from this week).
  • Use contractions (eg: he's, doesn't, I'll, etc.).

Activity 2: Story Writing: The Mother of Dragons

This activity has six different sections.


  1. Look at the picture and read the story starter. Look up any new words or ask and adult for help explaining any parts you don't quite understand.
  2. Question Time! Read the questions and answer each one. This will get your brain thinking about the story you're going to write.
  3. Sick Sentences! These sentences need a little help. Rewrite them with your own improvements.
  4. Sentence Challenge! Write some sentences that follow the challenge.
  5. Write Your Story! Finish the story or maybe just a chapter of the story. You can include your sentences from the Sick Sentence and Sentence Challenge section.
  6. Perfect Picture! Finally you get to do some art related to your writing.

1. Story Starter

2. Question Time!

3. Sick Sentences

4. Sentence Challenge

5. Write Your Story!

Using all of the information and work from sections 1 to 4, continue the story that has been written.

Maybe you will write the whole story. Maybe you will only write the next chapter.


Set your targets: choose three things to include in the story you write and make sure you do them.

Some examples of targets you could set yourself are: relative clauses, fronted adverbials, speech, using ? and !, using a variety of modal verbs, using brackets, using similes, using metaphors, using onomatopoeia, etc.

6. Perfect Picture!