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This week we are going to be using a video of an excellent writing teacher, break down her ideas while writing. We will be using this to write a story about a video. You may choose to just do one or two parts or you might choose to write the whole story over multiple days.


Activity 1: The Present

Watch this video and think about which part you like best. There are nine different parts which you could write about. I will list them after the video.

Plot point 1: The Box Time: 0:060:30

Plot point 2: Daylight Time: 0:300:47

Plot point 3: Surprise! Time: 0:47 - 1:00

Plot point 4: Rejection Time: 1:011:20

Plot point 5: Spot the ball Time: 1:211:44

Plot point 6: Boxes are fun! Time: 1:452:15

Plot point 7: Balls are fun! Time: 2:152:38

Plot point 8: Please play Time: 2:393:00

Plot point 9: Friendship blossoms Time: 3:01 - end

Activity 2: Miss C's Writing Lesson

Miss C does a writing lesson at home where she explains what is going on in her mind as she write about one section of the story.


Watch the video and make notes about ideas you want to steal.

Activity 3: Write Your Own

Here I would like you do use Miss C's model of chunk 4 to write your own version of it. Maybe you can expand or 'amplify' Jake's inner thought; or you could create a rhyme that is all your own.


Miss C's model:


Jake glared at the pup with a frown. He saw that the dog was disabled. "Really?" thought Jake, "not much of a dog with only three legs." As quick as a flick of a moody parent, Jake pushed the wide-eyed pup away. "Stupid dog!" he grumbled. His shameful words seemed to hang heavily in the air - mum didn't want to hear them.


Mr Morrissey's model:

I wrote my own version of chunk 4 based off what Miss C did.


Jake’s mouth twisted into a frown as he stared at the pup in his hands, realising that it was disabled. “Ugh!” he thought, “What king of broken dog only has three legs?!” And as quick as a flick of a moody parent, the wide-eyed pup was pushed away in disgust. “I don’t want a stupid dog anyway,” he muttered as he returned to his video game. Those hurtful words seemed to linger in the silence. Words his mum did not want to hear.



Activity 4: Choose a Chunk

Everyone should choose another chunk of the story and write about that section like Miss C and I did in Activity 3.


You should include some character inner thought, a bit of rhyme and see if you can borrow from the sentence scaffold she provided.