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Year 4

Suffolk Road Key Stage 2 Attendance Winner!

Congratulations to 4HF for their amazing attendance this year. You were my class's biggest competition this year and you beat us by a hair, fair and square! I suppose my consolation prize is that you all will be my class next year so we can win the trophy again together!


We should also congratulate 5RM for having the second best attendance in the whole entire school. If 4HF was at Westbury, that trophy would have been ours!


Thank you everyone for doing everything you can to be in school every day by 8:45am as you all know how important being in school is for your learning. We have a lot to catch up on in September and I cannot wait to see all of your smiling faces again, on time and every day!


-Mr Morrissey

Art Week 2019 - We were inspired by Andy Warhol

Medieval Day

Rocksteady Music Performance

Workshop - The Romans

Dress up as Romans!

Rocksteady Music School Visit

Welcome to Year 4!