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Middle Leadership Team

Assistant Headteachers

Assistant Headteachers 1 Mrs V Whitby ~ Assistant Headteacher/EYFS
Assistant Headteachers 2 Ms Cristina Araguz ~ Assistant Headteacher/KS1
Assistant Headteachers 3 Mr J Davis ~ Assistant Headteacher/KS2
Assistant Headteachers 4 Mrs S Watson ~ Assistant Headteacher/Inclusion Manager
Assistant Headteachers 5 Mrs R Ali ~ Assistant Headteacher/SENCO

Year Group Leaders

Year Group Leaders 1 Mrs M Dobrowolska ~ Year Group Leader ~ Reception
Year Group Leaders 2 Mrs M Khan ~ Year Group Leader ~ Year 1
Year Group Leaders 3 Mrs l Saunders ~ Year Group Leader ~ Year 2
Year Group Leaders 4 Miss S Liaw ~ Year Group Leader ~ Year 3
Year Group Leaders 5 Miss L Hubbard ~ Year Group Leader ~ Year 4
Year Group Leaders 6 Mr R Morrissey ~ Year Group Leader ~ Year 5
Year Group Leaders 7 Mrs M Day ~ Year Group Leader ~ Year 6