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This week is Cultural diversity week and each class is learning about a different country. Our chosen country is Lithuania. Watch the video to learn about Lithuania.

Today Matt visited a European country - Lithuania and prepared a video for you about this lovely country in the middle of Europe. Learn about the history of ...

Have a go at answering these questions about Lithuania. The answers can be found in the video above.

Complete the subtraction sheet below.

Use the internet to find out what foods are eaten in Lithuania.Draw a picture of one of the foods and write about it.

Find a partner and learn this Lithuanian Children's Dance, then perform it to your family and friends.

A celebration of Lithuania's 100th anniversary took place at Cleveland State University on February 17, 2018. Guests and performers from Toronto and Montrea...

Watch the video and learn to count to 10 in Lithuanian.

1 - vienas2 - du3 - trys4 - keturi5 - penki6 - šeši7 - septyni8 - aštuoni9 - devyni10 - dešimt

Get a sheet of paper and draw your favourite food. Write a sentence to say what the food is and why it is your favourite.

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