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Reading Practice Book

Our pupils will bring home two books a week. The first is a ‘reading practice’ book and the second will be a ‘sharing’ book.   


Reading practice book: 


In EYFS and KS1, this book will be a Little Wandle book in-line with our phonics scheme. This book will be carefully matched to your child’s current reading level, informed by the week’s phonics lessons and their reading practice session. The book will have been read in class for the previous three days with their reading group teacher and will bring it home to consolidate their learning. These are returned on the date given on the slip found inside the book. If your child is reading their book with very little help, please don’t worry that it’s too easy – this just means that your child has made progress with their decoding (identifying the phonemes/graphemes and blending these to read the words) and may instead need more support to develop fluency and confidence in their reading. Remember to give them lots of praise – celebrate their successes! After reading the book, talk to your child about what they have read to build their comprehension skills.  

In KS2, your child may bring home a Little Wandle book if they are still developing their phonetic awareness. Alternatively, they will bring home a book that their class teacher has matched to their current reading level.    

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