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Art: Mrs Amina Bana

Mrs Amina Bana

 I’m Miss Bana, the Subject Leader for Art at Ripple. With a decade of experience in education, I have had the privilege of teaching social sciences, the arts, and design and technology. My journey began with a qualification as a secondary teacher of Art and Design, which laid the foundation for my deep passion for the arts.


I am particularly enthusiastic about contemporary arts, especially those that challenge traditional methods and interpretations in innovative ways. At Ripple, my goal is to support our pupils in producing creative artwork, as well as to help them explore and record their ideas and experiences. I believe that through art, students can develop a unique voice and perspective that enriches their educational journey and personal growth.


In addition to my role in the arts, I am also the lead of the Race and Social Justice project at Ripple. This borough-led initiative celebrates the rich diversity of our school community, ensuring that all our children feel valued and fully represented in everything we do. The Race and Social Justice Charter outlines the commitments we at Ripple pledge to make, driving real change for our pupils and fostering an inclusive and equitable environment for everyone.

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