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History: Miss Georgia Oates

Georgia Oates

History has always been a profound passion of mine. It's a subject that allows us to forge meaningful connections with those who came before us, offering lessons that can amaze, shock, and inspire. It's this humanity, and the lessons we can learn from it, that draw me to this unique subject.  Witnessing young minds delve into historical inquiries and reflect on the passage of time is, without a doubt, one of the most rewarding aspects of my job and sharing this passion in the classroom is an incredible privilege.

I believe that by studying our ancestors, we gain hope and a sense of unity, reinforcing our belief that, as a society, we can overcome anything. The past is an endless source of knowledge, offering us opportunities to learn, reflect, and adapt. By understanding history, we ensure that we do not repeat mistakes and continue to grow as compassionate, considerate members of a global community.

As the History Lead at Ripple, my mission is to inspire and support my colleagues in fostering cultural and historical awareness among our students. To achieve this, I am committed to collaborating with my peers to tailor our curriculum to meet the unique needs of our children. We will achieve this by offering a variety of enrichment opportunities, including creative projects, field trips, and high - quality interactive lessons that bring history to life. My goal is to promote interdisciplinary learning, demonstrating to students the interconnectedness of all knowledge. Through these efforts, I aim to ignite a lifelong passion for history in our students, empowering them to view the world through a lens of empathy and understanding.


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